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The Omega Man HD-DVD

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The Omega Man HD DVD
Omega Man, The (1971) Warner
1080p 2.4:1, Dolby Digital Plus 1.0
Catalog #: 118537 - 98 minutes
Extras: Trailer, featurette, introduction.
Audio: English Language French Language Spanish Language German Language Italian Language
Subtitles: English Language French Language Spanish Language Danish Language Dutch Language Finnish Language German Language Italian Language Korean Language Norwegian Language Portuguese Language Swedish Language

Outrage Blu-ray

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アウトレイジ Autoreiji BR
Outrage [BOX] (2010) Emotion/Bandai
1080P 2.35:1, dts-HD Master 5.1, Linear PCM Dolby Surround
Catalog #: BCBJ-3924 - 109 + 23 minutes - ¥ 6,300
Extras: Trailer, TV spots, cast interview.
Box includes BD+DVD and extra bonus DVD.
Audio: Japanese Language Subtitles: Japanese Language English Language