Japanese LaserDisc Collection

Dawn of the Dead Conclusion BOX ゾンビ ザ・コンクリュージョン

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This is the first Laserdisc.

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This is the second Laserdisc.

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This is the third Laserdisc.

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And here is a pic of the included "Appendix CD".
It is a soundtrack CD (OST) to be precise.

Specs of the Conclusion Box: Widescreen 1.85:1, full CAV format, 139 minutes feature running time. Supplemental section includes various trailers (TV and theater), the whole script, radio advertisements, stills collection etc...

Zombie Laserdisc Goodies

A collectors dream come true: All three box sets in one place!

Left: Perfect Collection Box, in the middle the U.S. released Elite Box and on the right is the Conclusion Box. Every box has it's advantages, so if you are a die-hard Zombie fan you should have all three of them! Elite and Conclusion are the same transfer and have the same content. (Except for the OST CD). The Conclusion Box however has the advantage that it has much better cover-art, the LD's are in separate jackets, and it is a rare collectors item. The disadvantage is exactly that, it is rare, expensive and hard to get. Only other disadvantage is that there are Japanese subtitles in the picture. The Elite Box has an additional feature, it has a running commentary by George A. Romero, his wife and Tom Savini. Pretty interesting to listen to that at least once... The Perfect Collection is in my opinion the best box. A slight disadvantage for some people: The LD's are in CLV format, so if you have an old player without digital field memory, there is no freeze frame available. But how often do you really need that? :P The aspect ratio is Open Matte for both movies, while it is 1.85:1 in the two other sets. But now the advantages: It features two versions of the movie: The Director's Cut and the European Cut from Dario Argento (with the great music by Goblin). Also it has an exclusive interview with George and a walk through of his house, as well as a very neat booklet in which you can see a lot of Zombie related items. But decide for yourself what you are going to get.


Zombie Goodies

So here is a picture of the original Japanese soundtrack CD, #KICP-438.

It was made by King Records and is exactly the same CD as the one supplied in the Conclusion LD Box. The advantage here is of course that the CD is in a jewel case and comes with a booklet. If someone is interested, here's the track list:
2) ZOMBI - 4:21
3) SAFARI - 2:08
6) SARATOZOM - 3:34
7) LA CACCIA - 3:36
8) TIRASSENGO - 2:48
9) OBLIO - 5:10
10) RISVEGLIO - 1:03
Do note: The soundtrack CD only features music from Goblin, and not from Romero's "shopping-mall elevator" soundtrack. I just guess that the disc is rare nowadays...

Zombi Computer Game UBI Soft

Zombi computer game, from UBI Soft.

So here is one item that was not featured in any of the item collections. It's a computer game from the good old days! It was available for Atari ST, Commodore Amiga and maybe some other systems. The game itself might not be a licensed product, but it is clearly following the story-line from the movie. You have to block-off the mall entrances with trucks, kill all Zombies inside, put them in the fridge etc... really great to play, and great soundtrack!

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