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Click on any of the buttons above to view all Japanese LaserDisc titles starting with that letter. "Q" and "Z" are currently empty. To get a quick glimpse on all available titles, have a look at the "LD Collection Listing" section in the side navigation menu. There are also several special sections this time. For the anime series Tenchi Muyo, Bakuretsu Hunter, Better Man, Bubblegum Crisis, Cool Devices, Neon Genesis Evangelion and Ranma 1/2 because of the large number of discs they each have. I decided to keep Urusei Yatsura confined in "U" because it would be empty otherwise. Two more special sections exist for the Chris Carter TV series Millennium and The X-Files. Maybe one day I need to change something there, or even add some more special sections to keep the rest of the collection browse-able.

Use the blue "Menu" on the left side to navigate. To close it, click on the "x" if needed (Very nice option on tablets or small screens!). You can re-open it again by clicking on the three horizontal lines. Note: Some parts of this section use Java-script and open content in a new window.

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