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Tenchi Muyo! in Love 2 LD Box 天地無用!

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The LD is stored in it's own jacket

Tenchi Muyo Laserdisc Box

A lot of extras here: The box itself, obi strip, LD jacket. Art print, registration cards, bonus 3 inch CD (contains a 20 minutes drama), original film strip, booklet. Below all that are two pamphlets, one showing the bonus items that were available if you sent in the registration card. This box was limited, and was numbered on the backside (lower right corner). I don't know how many were made.

Tenchi Muyo Laserdisc Box

Here you can have a closer look at the pretty booklet.

Tenchi Muyo Laserdisc Box

Here is a scan of the film strip, shows a scene with Washu-chan. Every box (should have) included a different piece of film.

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