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Wallace and Gromit Laserdisc front < Front || Back > Wallace and Gromit Laserdisc back
Wallace & Gromit (1989-93) BBC Video
Features: A grand day out + The wrong trousers
Full CAV, Dolby Surround
Catalog #: 8304-84 - 54 minutes

White Sands Laserdisc front < Front || Back > White Sands Laserdisc back
White Sands (1992) Warner
Dolby Surround, Widescreen 2.35:1
Catalog #: 12532 - 101 minutes

Wild at Heart Laserdisc front < Front || Back > Wild at Heart Laserdisc back
Wild at Heart (1991) CBS/FOX
Dolby Surround, Widescreen 2.35:1, Side 3 CAV
Catalog #: ID8084ME - 123 minutes

Wild Palms Laserdisc Box front < Front || Back > Wild Palms Laserdisc Box back
Wild Palms [BOX] (1993) ABC Video
Stereo, Academy Ratio
Catalog #: ID2912CC - 277 minutes

Lucasfilm WOW demonstration Laserdisc front Insert Sheet WOW THX Demo LD back
WOW! Disc (THX) Lucasfilm
THX Test & Demonstration LD
IMHO this disc is totally overrated.
Interesting for collectors because it has a big
"Not for Sale" stamp on the jacket and on the disc itself.