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Atari ST FALCON LYNX JAGUAR - Arcade - NEC Turbo Duo

On the following pages you will find pictures and information about my vintage, or retro computer, video-games, and arcade boards collection. My main focus was always on ATARI - my first machine from them was the woody VCS 2600 when I was a kid. Later came the 800 XL, first with datasette, much later with 5 ¼" floppy drive. There were some amazing games and nice memories from that time - I do not have any XL stuff anymore though. The computer was sold to a classmate so that I could afford to buy a 520 STFM which was an amazing machine! Later it got switched to a 1040 STFM, even later an additional 520 STE (with 4 megabyte RAM) joined as a second machine. The whole story continues to a Mega STE, which died rather unfortunately and even later the brand new Atari Falcon 030. That machine never picked up, so I sold it again to invest my money into a high powered TT 030, including tons of ST RAM and plenty of FAST RAM, a graphics card, later an even better graphics card and larger SCSI hard drives, a CD-Rom and even a CD-writer that could burn without problems at 4x speed and whatever else you can think of. It stayed my main computer until 2002. That is when I bought my first Windows XP machine. Nowadays I still own a 520 ST for gaming, and I got my Falcon 030 back from the friend I originally sold it to.

About video gaming: Besides my VCS adventure as a kid it took quite a while until I got back into it, and it was the amazing LYNX that was at fault. First a LYNX Mk. I, bought used from the classifieds, later a LYNX II which I had for a really long time. I have seen probably 95% of all games ever released for this hand-held, and I was really happy with this kit. So when the Jaguar got announced I had to buy it from an import shop right away, way before most other people even knew it was already out. I really loved Alien vs. Predator, most other people say Tempest 2000 was their favorite game on it, I don't disagree, it was a really good game. Later the CD add-on also joined, but was a bit disappointing because the only good game really was Battlemorph which I played countless times. Later I opted for a NEC Turbo Duo, which is a PC Engine with included CD-Rom drive. Also a really amazing machine, with plenty of top quality games. Anyone remember Devil Crash or all the Bomberman franchise? Such good memories. So then I opted to play the REAL DEAL - arcade boards, preferably JAMMA were my next target. I had some good years there too, collecting and playing. Until I sold all my video-game stuff in 2008 because I was not using it anymore really, and it was still worth quite a bit. The problem with stuff you don't use also includes that it can just die and render itself useless. So I decided to let it all go. Sadly I do not have pictures of everything anymore, but I'll try my best to make this halfway interesting for you. Enjoy!

I do not claim to know everything, or to do everything right all the time. I'm sure there are some mistakes here and there. It's only a hobby after all.

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